Meet Coal and Jett.  The mama of these little sweeties was in a kill shelter very pregnant with them until NB swooped in and saved the mama and soon-to-be-puppies.  When I heard this story I just knew I had to pursue them further.

We lost our rescue German Shorthaired Pointer/Lab in May 2017 after suffering for over a year from seizures after taking Bravecto. We were sold on the GSP and knew we'd one day have another. Little did we expect to take two! These sibings are definitely two peas in a pod and we can't imagine our lives without them! If we had a bigger house we'd take more!!

After dealing with the seizures and the care required of our Milo, I was full of questions and but more apprehension than anything.I hadn't heard of a holistic/alternative rescue until now and felt somehow we were led to New Beginnings. Pam was very patient with us and our numberous conversations but she also provided a lot of great information about GSPs we hadn't been preveiously aware of. We were immediately taken with the fact that the rescue take a holistic approach to caring for the dogs and do not subscribe to the mainstream practice of over vaccinationing dogs that many other rescues defend. We loved knowing these puppies were as healthy and as well taken care of as they should be. Any apprehension soon disappeard and turned to excitement in the hope we'd be approved. Pam made our day when she said we were good candidates and she'd love to have us be Coal and Jett's forever home.

Coal and Jett's transition to our home was smooth and clearly evident of the care they'd received. Sending a smelly shirt ahead of time was perfect to acclimate the dogs to our smells! They were well mannered and crate trained. We asked for siblings, a boy and girl, and were suggested to get these two as they got along so well together. They weren't kidding! These two provide us hours of hilarious antics but at the end of they day they love nothing more than to snuggle up to us. I don't know who loves who more. We complete each other.

A huge THANK YOU to New Beginnings and the awesome, selfless work they do to ensure their dogs get the perfect forever homes!