Pets Lost After Taking Flea & Tick Preventatives

Precious lives lost...
Milo's Story
Milo joined our family in October of 2014 when he was just 12 weeks old.  He was one of 6 puppies that were found abandoned on the side of a road and taken to the local animal shelter by a good samaritan. It was love at first sight as he looked at me with his beautiful brown eyes.
Like responsible dog owners, we took Milo to our vet to be checked out and was deemed to be very healthy. We enrolled him in obedience classes to socialize him and teach him good puppy manners. He flourished with the love and training he received.

Per our vet, we made sure we stayed up to date on his vaccinations. At six months, our vet strongly recommended we put Milo on a flea and tick preventative. The scare tactic of possible illness or death due to just one tick bite worked. Truly not knowing what the best option was, we asked out vet to make a recommendation. She confidently recommended BRAVECTO telling me it was completely safe and a perfect option that only had to be taken once every three months.