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New Beginnings German Shorthaired Pointer Rescue

New Beginnings German Shorthaired Pointer Rescue, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, is an all volunteer group whose purpose is to find permanent loving families for dogs that, through no fault of their own, find themselves without homes. Many of us have had countless years of loving and caring for our own Shorthairs.

Although German Shorthairs are historically a hunting breed, our primary focus is to place dogs as non-hunting, indoor family members. GSPs will be adopted only to homes  with physically fenced yards.  Apartments are not a suitable home situation for Shorthairs.

Our foremost responsibility is the security and happiness of each dog who comes our way. Their new home must truly be a “New Beginning” for them. “Helping dogs with people problems.”

New Beginnings GSP Rescue is a holistic/alternative rescue. We subscribe to a natural, holistic approach to animal care. Holistic medicine, by its very nature, is humane to the core.

We believe in:

  • Homecooked/Raw meals
  • Responsible vaccination ( we are not ANTI-vax!!)
  • Titering
  • Safe, humane training with positive reinforcement (not the Cesar Millan method)
  • The companion is a member of the family (not property)



KATNISS NEEDS YOU!  This precious girl was named after the Hunger Games and each of her puppies from her last litter was named after a Hunger Games character.  She was a great mama to her pups.

Katniss had been living in a dump outside of Lake Charles, LA where it is believed she had several litters before she was trapped and rescued in late 2020.  After Hurricanes Laura and Delta hit Louisiana in 2020, property damage was so severe Katniss was moved to a temporary foster in South Carolina.  Unfortunately, because it was a temporary foster to get her out of LA we need another foster.  We need to get Katniss to a new foster ASAP who has time to work with her on a daily basis.

Katniss is possibly a lab/hound mix.  She is HW positive and was quite sickly when she was brought to her current foster.  She is now on HW treatment and being fed a healthy diet.  She needs to drop some weight so diet is important.  Katniss has made good progress but still has a long road to recovery.  Some of her sweet personality is coming out but all she needs right now is a person to step up who has a big heart who is willing to give her the love and patience she needs to blossom into the awesome dog we know is there. 

Katniss had a hard life living in the dump.  As you can imagine it was extremely hard and stressful but she is a fighter and she survived that horrid life.  She does, however, have some physical and emotional scars as she had to scavenge every day for food and shelter just to survive.  With the right person and a lot of love and patience, Katniss will make an awesome dog.  She is not aggressive, just timid and anxious.  She loves to snuggle on her bed on the floor or at your feet where she welcomes pets and belly rubs.   

Katniss would do best in a home with a foster who has time and patience to work with her consistently.  She is trainable!  Katniss would do well with another dog in the home with lower energy to show her how to be a dog and play but also one to cuddle with on a favorite bed.

We need a foster in the NC/SC area.  Ultimately, we want to see this beautiful girl adopted and WE WOULD DEFINITELY CONSIDER A FOSTER-TO-ADOPT SITUATION FOR THE RIGHT FAMILY.

Please consider opening your home to this sweet girl.  She is worth saving and definitely deserves her happy FOREVER ending.

Contact New Beginnings GSP Rescue at:  nbgsprescue@yahoo.com