Meet AVA….My new and best companion ever!  Thanks to New Beginnings GSP Rescue and Pam Vermillion! As people tell me…we are like two peas in a pod…a perfect match! And I have Pam to thank for that.

I contacted New Beginnings a year and a half before I was ever in a position to adopt, but Pam was patient and I went through the application and approval process….and when I was ready….a match was made!  I wanted an older dog because they are harder to adopt out and I wanted to make sure that this would be the last home this dog would ever know.  The whole process of the adoption was pretty amazing.

AVA came from Texas.  There was a very coordinated and committed transport team that relocated her safely within 2 days to Virginia. AVA had some adjustments to make with me, but she is my love and my best companion.  She is a perfect match for me.  I love life with her and I think she’s pretty happy…having long walks, chasing squirrels and loving her new Mom.  She fulfills me and makes my life so much brighter than I ever thought possible.  She is a beautiful animal to be loved and cared for in the best ways possible…GSPs are special and deserve everything life can offer….I give AVA that ….and she gives it back tenfold!

Thank You New Beginnings!