Logan came to NBGSP as a stray dog, picked up by the local shelter in Indiana. He was Eaganwonderful with children, had a wonderful personality – very gentle and loving.

Aside from a few belly problems (from eating out “in the wild”) and being underweight, he was ready for finding a forever home…

After being with NBGSP for only a couple of weeks, a family in Asheville, North Carolina, was looking for a new “baby” to enrich their lives. They had recently lost their beloved GSP of 10 years, Reilly, to cancer, and missed having the warmth and companionship he had always brought to their home.

Jon and Lauronda found Logan (and us) through Petfinder, and immediately were drawn to him (it is fate, afterall, right?) After many hours of conversation, Lauronda was willing to drive the 8 hours to meet Logan in person, anxious to see if he was going to be the right fit for their family.


After arriving at Logan’s babysitter’s house (the foster family was on vacation, so he happened to be with NBGSP’s director, Pam.) Lauronda and Logan immediately connected (despite her being overwhelmed – and surrounded – by a handful of playful GSPs at Pam’s house! 😀 …It was so wonderful – GSPs frolicking about, and sharing their love and happiness!) Another foster baby, Ollie, was there – he looked exactly like Logan, except was only about 6 months old at the time. One could tell that they were big buddies, and once the decision was made that Logan was the new family member for Lauronda and Jon, back to NC they went to show Logan his new home in the south.

Once Logan met his daddy, and a day or two was spent adjusting, it turned out that the name, Ollie, fit (Logan) better, as he had only had that name for a short while. Ollie settled in perfectly – finding that his new mom and dad enjoyed having him on the couch and in the bed with them, safe and sound – having found his forever home.

Thank you so much, NBGSP, for helping us find our new baby. We love him, and enjoy every minute with his loving puppy-like nature! 😀

Lauronda & Jon