This new addition to our family is Max. He is a big beautiful puppy who came to us from Kentucky in July. He is so loving – so grateful for his new home and we are grateful for him. He makes us laugh every day – he’s so cute and comical.  Max has lots of energy and keeps us in shape with exercise. We discovered the “Howlabaloo” dog park about 40 minutes away.  It’s 58 fenced acres of trees, ponds, birds, butterflies and playmates. We’ve been there three times and he didn’t stop running for two hours each visit.  We will be regulars there!

Max’s favorite time of day is bedtime. At the mention of “let’s go to bed” he leaps up the stairs and flies onto the bed.  We enjoy watching TV, relaxing and cooling down with the AC before sleep. Max stretches out, gets his tummy rub, then curls up next to one of us for his night’s sleep. My friends and even total strangers I meet on our walks marvel at what a beautiful dog he is and what a great temperament he has.  It’s hard to imagine he came within 48 hours of being put down.  We are so thankful to NBGSP Rescue and the transport volunteers for putting us together. Max has found his FOREVER home.Max-sit