We decided that for our second dog we would love to give a home to a dog in need and who would fit into our active lifestyle. Our search was initially for a Vizsla which is the breed of our first dog. During our search we also became interested in adopting a GSP. As we were looking, one dog kept jumping out at us – Rainey! She is a 1-2 year old liver GSP who had initially been a runaway and then had one unsuccessful adoption from a local shelter. She was then rescued by New Beginnings GSP Rescue and was being fostered by Pam.

When we met Rainey we knew that she would be a good fit for us and hopefully, we for her. She was a little shy (as she has been through many hands) but was very sweet, and energetic. She loved her foster family and her playmates and was beginning to come out of her shell.

She had the nickname “the little brown dog” (she is only 38 lbs!) and now we often call her that. Her new “sister” Scout, our first dog, towers over her! When we brought her home and introduced her to Scout the two of them instantly got along with a brisk game of tug-o-war!

She has fit right in and her personality is really shining through! Although she is well behaved and very gentle she can be a little gremlin too (no doubt initiated by her big sister)! As an example, working together one day, Scout “opened” the door to our sun porch and Rainey found and “opened” the container and bag containing the dog treats! She and Scout had quite a ball – of course they both looked at us quite innocently with their angel expressions when caught!

We since have placed a new latch on the door! We take her running and go for long walks on the 2600 acres of conservation land directly behind our house. She loves it – her nose is always to the ground taking it all in! She also has typical GSP characteristics- she loves to follow us everywhere, to snuggle, and loves to be under a blanket. Frequently both dogs curl up and snuggle together! We recently took her to the beach and Rainey had fun sniffing out seagulls and playing in the waves! We also took her hiking and she absolutely loved the snow!

We are looking forward to the year ahead! We have started obedience classes with her and are planning a vacation with “the girls” to stay at a dog friendly Inn up in Vermont later this winter!