Steve and I had just bought a new house and, after being married for a year, decided we would like to add a dog to our little family. Being that we are an active couple, we were looking for a versatile dog that would like everything about the outdoors, such as hiking, camping, biking, swimming, etc. The breed that we kept coming back to was the GSP.

We found New Beginnings through Petfinder. Pam had just received into rescue a litter of puppies that we were interested in. We submitted the application and eventually met with Pam to discuss what we were looking for and what she thought would be the best option. Being that we were first-time GSP owners, we wanted to know what to expect. After the initial meeting we kept in touch with Pam through email.

Mid-July we received an email from Pam asking if we would be able to foster a little guy from Kentucky that was in danger of being put down. Our answer was a resounding, ‘OF COURSE!’ On July 18th, we picked up our foster pup and took him home with us. Being that he was found on the run, without any tags, we needed to give him a name. In church the previous weekend the reading had been about Paul and Silas and the name Silas kept coming back to us. Now the little guy had a name.

After fostering for only about a week, I was certain that he was the dog for us. Steve needed a little more convincing. Steve and I both work in the public school system, he as a counselor and I as a teacher, so over the summer we were able to devote most of our time to Silas. This worried us, however, for the time when we would have to go back to school. He adjusted marvelously! He has learned our schedule and has done a wonderful job in the house by himself. If it is going to be a longer day, we have a neighbor that is willing to check on him and make sure he’s alright. So after the adjustment, and after making sure he liked camping, we adopted Silas in late September.

We honestly couldn’t imagine our life without him. He quickly became the third member of our family. Silas goes along wherever we go, even to WVU Mountaineer football tailgates on the weekends. Steve’s sister lives in Morgantown and we’re able to leave him with her during the games. Since both of our schools have later start times, we’re able to make sure he gets a nice walk in the morning and then he loves to play ball in the backyard all evening. We tire out LONG before he does! In the evenings, he’s content to curl up (under your blanket, preferably) and relax. I have fallen asleep many times on the couch with him. I call him my personal heater. Although he would probably rather sleep in our bed at night, he sleeps in his own (beside our bed) without a fight.

We are so grateful that New Beginnings brought us together with Silas. We truly believe that he was meant for us and us for him!