Fostering/Volunteering Application

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Please read each Statement below and indicate that you have read and understand them.
I understand that it is my decision whether or not to foster ANY particular dog. I will not hold New Beginnings GSP Rescue responsible for any damage, injury, or harm caused directly or indirectly by any dog I handle as a volunteer for NBGSP Rescue. I further understand that it is not the standard policy for NBGSP Rescue to reimburse me for the costs I may incur in the care and feeding of any dog that I foster unless agreed to in advance in writing. All medical needs must be pre-approved prior to service. Any medical reimbursement will be at the discretion of NBGSP Rescue. I further agree that reimbursement will not be provided in the case of accident, neglect, ignorance, or abuse by the foster provider.
I understand that NBGSP Rescue retains the ownership of the foster dog, and should I decide to no longer be a foster for NBGSP Rescue, the foster dog will be immediately returned to the rescue (cannot be placed in a shelter nor given away).
I will not bring suit against NBGSP Rescue, it\'s agents, volunteers, or their heirs or estates in the case of financial or other loss resulting from my activities as a volunteer for NBGSP Rescue.
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