Thank you for your interest in volunteering for New Beginnings GSP Rescue, Inc. We are a Holistic/Alternative rescue! Without our volunteer’s gracious, selfless help our dogs wouldn’t find their forever homes.

Please read the rules and regulations below, then fill out the volunteer form.

Rules and Regulations:

  1. Please read through our website so you have a clear understanding of who we are and what we do.
  2. If you are volunteering to help pull dogs from shelters, provide transport or help with fundraising, please go directly to the volunteer form. If you are willing to foster, please continue reading below.
  3. If you have had no experience with German Shorthaired Pointers, please research the breed so you will know what to expect from your foster dog.
  4. All rescue dogs must be contained in physical fencing…ABSOLUTELY NO E-FENCING (INVISIBLE OR UNDERGROUND).
  5. The foster family will provide food for the foster dog unless you are unable to afford it.
  6. The Volunteer foster family will be required to keep in touch with the rescue so that the organization may know how the dog is doing in their foster home.
  7. Foster families are asked to write biographies for the dogs in their care and provide suitable pictures so foster dogs can be added to Dogs for Adoption, Petfinder, etc. as soon as possible.
  8. Foster families are required to house train and crate train foster dogs if needed. Dogs are to be socialized with people and other dogs so their placement will go smoothly.

All of our dogs are fostered in private homes! We do not have a kennel facility in Monrovia, MD for you to visit and meet the dogs.

Our Adoption Process consists of the following steps:

  1. Application
  2. Fee
  3. Vet Check
  4. Home Check
  5. Meet-and-Greet
  6. Final Approval and Contract Signing

1-2. Application & Fee: The first step in an adoption with New Beginnings GSP Rescue is to complete an Adoption Application and pay the $10 non-refundable application fee.

Once your application and payment have been received, we will review your application. Next, one of our rescue volunteers will contact you via phone or email, that can take up to several days to a couple of weeks! We receive many applications so PLEASE be patient with us as we are an all volunteer organization. You must be 21 years of age to adopt from this organization.

3. Vet Check: We will contact your veterinarian in regards to your pet’s history with routine health care and overall responsibility with pet ownership. In some cases, your veterinarian will require your permission to release the information that we need. Please call them ahead of time to give your permission for them to speak with us. We do not have time to contact you if you have failed to do this. We will not move forward with your application!

4. Home Check: If the phone interview and vet check are acceptable, the next step in the process is to arrange a date and time for a volunteer to come to your home to perform a home visit. If the applicant lives in a rural location we may ask for pictures of the home and yard/fence area.

5. Meet-and-Greet: If the home check is satisfactory, a meet-and-greet with the potential dog(s) is required. The potential adoptors (this includes everyone living in the home) must come to the foster home housing the dog. This step is intended to make sure there is the potential for a bond, by both the potential adoptors and the dog. This does not mean you will go home with the dog that day.

6. Final Approval: After all of the previously described steps have been completed, you will be notified of your final approval. A time and date will be set for the signing, payment, and pick-up of your new family member! The foster parent makes the final decision for adoption.