Success Stories

As volunteers we dedicate our time, energy, and emotions to finding homes for the dogs we receive into rescue. Nothing means more to us than to see wonderful GSPs who come from many different places and situations find a forever home with a family who has opened their hearts and dedicated themselves to a dog in need.
Not only do we enjoy our volunteer work and time spent getting to know our dogs in rescue, but we take such joy in meeting the incredible families who show love and compassion to their new found family members. To us, we may feel that an adopted dog has been blessed to find such a great home, but if you ask the adopting family, they will tell you that they are the ones who have been blessed by their newest addition to their family.


Ava     AVA     

Eagan     EAGAN     

Eagan     LOGAN   

Max-sit     MAX

murphy1sm-768x551     MURPHY

Rainey     RAINEY

silas3-768x576     SILAS

Sterling2     STERLING

tessie1sm     TESSIE